In 1963 Howard Hall established a business in Henderson’s Industrial Park to provide a very specialized product – baptisteries and steeples. Having moved to East Texas with his family during the depression years, Howard’s father – a carpenter -  started Hall Manufacturing, Inc.  where he made pulpits and pews for churches. While selling these products for his dad, Howard saw the need to improve upon the prone to leaking metal and wooden baptisteries in use at the time. Realizing that fiberglass, which was just coming into use for boats, would be an ideal medium for not only baptisteries, but also steeples, Howard started Fiberglass Specialties, Inc.

Howard Hall’s business grew from that point, until in 1985 an additional business, Swirl-Way, was started to manufacture spas, small pools and, eventually, whirlpool baths for homes.

In 1990, Howard Hall sold both of his businesses, with his son, Rocky, purchasing the church products business, Fiberglass Specialties. After relocating within Henderson’s Industrial Park and building a new plant, Rocky Hall expanded his business with the addition of Real Bark Hunting Systems, which produces deer blinds and other hunting equipment.

In addition to baptisteries and steeples, Fiberglass Specialties now produces crosses, domes, cupolas and custom fiberglass items and employs 30 people. “We are diversifying our products,” said Rocky, “and we work with schools, hotels and all kinds of businesses to provide items made of fiberglass.”