Capital Projects & Infrastructure

  • General Expansion of Infrastructure (sewer, water, electric service, high-speed internet) for industrial and general business opportunities
  • Improve and Expand Industrial Park Roads
  • Acquisition of property for industry within City of Henderson and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).
  • Human Capital
    1. Encourage a high-quality education in Henderson ISD
    2. Encourage higher education availability in Henderson
    3. Support and Expand Job Training opportunities such as Welding School/Plumbing School/Electrical School or other vocations.

Highest Priority

  • Aggressively pursue every industrial lead.
  • Provide Leadership – The community expects us to provide leadership, and we will.
  • Maintain a strong community presence by participating in the Chamber or Commerce, City of Henderson, Main Street and other community organizations.
  • Visitation schedule in the industrial community – Maintain a schedule to personally visit industrial and other businesses in the community.
  • Work to develop a stronger higher education presence in Henderson, most likely through Kilgore College and Henderson ISD, but perhaps also through UT Tyler and/or Stephen F Austin University.
  • Work with the City, Chamber and development community to engage a developer to develop new residential homes within Henderson and an apartment complex.
  • Work with the City, Rusk County Airport and TXDOT Aviation to extend the runway at Rusk County Airport to 5,000 feet. Evaluate benefits of extending additional water and sewer infrastructure to Rusk County Airport area.