Love your work, leave time for play.

Equally as important as business opportunities in the eyes of employers and those they seek to hire is the intangible quality of life found in our corner of Texas. Our employers are known for their commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance, businesses don’t have to wade through endless red tape, and employees don’t have to battle the traffic of the Metroplex (the average commute time is just 17.2 minutes). When it comes to rest and relaxation, Henderson is home to parks, lakes, museums, theaters, and more, all guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop to help you unwind in the midst of it all.

With easy access to Texas’ biggest cities, there’s always the option to head in for a game or to see your favorite performers while still allowing you the luxury of making it home before bed. And, if you choose to call Henderson home, you will wake up to the sunrise beauty of East Texas that is second to none. Simply put, Henderson is big enough to live it and small enough to love it.