Build your future in Henderson

Are you ready to build your future in Henderson? We are ready to show you the incredible potential here in our community for your business. In preparation for that, we have focused in on a set of industries that we have identified on the basis of the competitive assessment, community assets, and/or community priorities. Our 2018 analysis highlighted some essential regional assets such as strong labor synergies to pursue Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care, Transportation and Storage, and Advanced Food Manufacturing and Technologies.

In Addition, a 2020 study by The Perryman Group recommended the following Industry Targets:

The Perryman Group’s analysis of potential target industries identified the following types of industries as candidates for recruitment which could offer higher probabilities of success.

o Renewable Energy
o Agriculture/Food Processing including potential for tourism opportunities related to artisanal foods, wine, or spirits; (note that, given the large number of relatively small communities in the region, other tourism opportunities could potentially arise from venues for athletic tournaments of other similar events).
o Wood Products Manufacturing and Stone/Clay/Glass
o Transportation and the Potential for a Multi-Modal Logistics Hub
o Warehousing
o Other Spin-off from Regional Industries (including Plastics, Fabricated Metals, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, and Biomedical)

See the full Perryman report here. 


The regional industry has a solid foundation in manufacturing clusters which includes plastics and rubber products, machinery, petroleum and coal, and metal fabrication. Manufacturing represents a large portion of the existing workforce base and skill set. The sector also includes opportunities for leather, wood products, mineral products, and communication and equipment manufacturing. The industry has above average annual wages.

Why Henderson for Manufacturing?
  • Large labor pools and network suppliers throughout Texas, including East Texas.
  • Local certification and degrees that support advanced manufacturing offered at institutions throughout the region including East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy, Kilgore College, Panola College, and Tyler Junior College.
  • Major regional corporations including Trane Co., Union Pacific Railroad, Eastman Chemcial, and Komatsu. Texas Instruments, and Raytheon may support metal and machinery manufacturing, communication and equipment, metal fabrication, plastics and rubber production, and petroleum and coal.
  • Manufacturing represents a large portion (~10%) of the region's existing workforce base.


The healthcare cluster is a large component that includes facilities and organizations providing health and wellness through healthcare providers, hospitals, and specialty medical facilities. Henderson’s healthcare potential is strong with a large regional cluster of existing healthcare providers and support services, and regional access to a rural population dependent on these services.

Why Henderson for Healthcare?
  • East Texas offers medical training and education at area colleges and universities.
  • Henderson Health and Rehab Center create skilled labor in nursing, healthcare related programs and pre-med to support future growth in Healthcare.
  • Existing regional healthcare providers create opportunities for medical suppliers and complimentary services.
  • Major transportation corridors provide access to expanding regional healthcare system.
  • Nearby educational institutions provide access to skilled labor, and enable partnerships to ensure continued workforce development.
  • Region has a large and growing base of medical related degrees and facilities that can be leveraged in Henderson.

Advanced Food Manufacturing

Industries in food manufacturing transform livestock and agricultural products for intermediate and final consumption. Emerging technologies and shifts in consumer preferences are disrupting the industry and creating opportunities for business creation and growth. The large regional agricultural and distribution base supports the industry.

Why Henderson for Advanced Food Manufacturing?
  • Large agriculture base throughout the region.
  • The existing transportation and warehousing base will support the development, storage, and distribution for these businesses.
  • Growth potential and potential for distribution of existing food manufacturing enable the region to capitalize on emerging technologies and opportunities.
  • Access to major transportation corridors including US 259, SH 64, and US 79.
  • Large agriculture base, along with storage and distribution sup- ports industry expansion.
  • Ample water source will support water intensive manufacturing.
  • Food Manufacturing represents a strong portion of existing work- force base, and transportation and storage will support these businesses.
  • Proximity to major metro markets and global distribution ports.

Transportation & Storage

The industry is primarily engaged in transporting passengers and goods, warehousing and storing goods, and providing services to these establishments. Existing regional businesses involved in transportation indicate access to major regional highways and a fast and reliable distribution network. These existing transportation networks and opportunities for manufacturing growth create opportunities for regional distribution centers.

Why Henderson for Transportation & Storage?
  • According to Long Term Industry Projections, the industry is projected to create an additional 2,110 jobs in the County by 2040.
  • These trends are expected to expand as Amazon and other online retailers expand their distribution networks in Texas.
  • Access to major transportation corridors including US 259, SH 64, and US 79. • US 259 is a north-south corridor that is part of the NAFTA Corridor Highway System.
  • Access to labor pool and lower cost of land and operational expenses compared to larger metropolitan areas.
  • Active Transloading yard with no car minimum