August’s sales tax revenue reports show marked advancement in all Rusk County towns, save Mt. Enterprise whose financial headway persisted on its downward trajectory. 

Mt. Enterprise’s revenue totals continue to decline with a 6.28% drop in net payments for the month of August, coming in at $25,496 under last year’s $27,206. Year-to-date growth continued along its positive course with a sparse 3.90% increase coming in at $177,526 over last year’s $170,859. 

Reklaw reported another blowout month for sales tax revenue with a nearly 78% increase. August’s totals came in at $1,386 over 2021’s total of $782. The small town’s meteoric rise has continued to translate as gains in year-to-date payments with the city reporting an 18.52% increase in 2022 payments. 

Tatum’s monthly totals continue to show marked improvement with a reported 45.40% gain in monthly net payments with a reported total of $48,708 over last year’s $33,499. Year-to-date payments continue to land in the black, with July’s $251,689 coming in a healthy 13.63% higher than last year’s $221,482. 

Continuing along its path of steady growth Henderson’s monthly totals climbed to $768,539 for a 13.95% increase over last year’s $674,447. This consistent climb translates into positive showings in year-to-date totals. Henderson reported a 19.39% tax increase reflecting a more than $860K difference over last year’s $4,472,766. 

The city of Overton reported a healthy monthly increase of 40.13% with a total of $42,462 over last year’s $30,301. This increase was also reflected in the year-to-date totals, with Overton registering a more than 22% increase over last year’s totals, coming in at $314,406. 

Positive percentages persist as the community continues to rally behind its locally owned businesses and comes together to resurrect previously defunct revenue sources, such as the city’s pool and golf course.

The county, as a whole, is recording a notable increase with 2022’s year-to-date totals at $6,092,554 over last year’s $5,128,869, a growth of more than $963,000.

Kilgore’s monthly sales tax revenue plummeted with a .63% loss compared to last month’s more than 40% gain. The dip in percentages translated to slightly less than $5,000 and the city’s year-to-date totals still came in 21.41% higher than the 2021 totals. Longview’s sales tax continues to climb, reporting an increase of more than 13% in monthly sales tax payments and a year-to-date total resting at nearly $30 million. Tyler’s tax revenues took a nosedive with a 12.51% loss in August. Nacogdoches reported a 12.20% increase in year-to-date payments for the period, with an August total of $5,561,759.

The Henderson News, August 29, 2022