The Henderson Development Corporation (HEDCO) President Noble Welch called the Board’s regular meeting to order Thursday and then called on Neal Holland, President of Stokes and Associates to give an update on the street and drainage bids for the new East Texas  Regional Business Park.

“We had three bids come in and they were opened a couple of days ago,” said Holland. “The lowest bidder was Rayford Truck and Tractor of Marshall to do the streets.”

The streets will be made of concrete according to Holland. After he gave the results of the winning bid the Board then discussed if they should put a couple of the initial projects on hold since the bids were much higher than at first estimated. The winning bid was in the amount of $3,541, 626. Holland explained that the reason for the higher than estimated bid is because of the rising cost of materials and especially concrete. During the discussion of the Board if they should wait a few months to see if they could get a lower bid Holland explained that might be possible but then they would take the risk of materials costing more than they are now which would then drive the bid even higher.

The Board then took John Clary, Executive Directors recommendation of accepting the bid but delay the cul-de-sac portion since future business on that lot might not need it. Holland also recommended that the initial plan to concrete the channel weir at the detention pond and use the native rock that has been dug up on the property.

The Board agreed to both recommendations and passed the bid based on the new information.

After approving the minutes from their last meeting and the monthly financials for July Clary then went over the proposed 2022-2023 Budget which they also approved. 

The Henderson News, August 15, 2022