At HEDCO’s (Henderson Economic Development Corporation) monthly meeting Tuesday Executive Director John Clary told the Board of Directors that they had a record sales tax month for March, which they don’t receive the funds until two months later, May.

According to records the record amount for one month was $230,335 which was $60,982 more than the previous record of $169,353 that was set June 2020, the first year of COVID.

Updates related to the new East Texas Regional Business Park that included street construction bids that have not been received, location of the coming soon signs at the park, update on fiber to the park, possible apartment complex on the property which they have bids from two and waiting on one more bid. A bid was received from CenterPoint Energy to install a gas line through the park.

A representative from John Wright Construction Company made his second appearance before the Board and gave an update on the underground water and sewer project asking for an increase since his original bid because of the high cost of fuel and that he will have to rent power equipment to dig up rock that wasn’t in the original bid. He told the Board that he would have those numbers to them at their next meeting.

“We are going to sell that rock since we have had several people asking for them,” said Clary.

Clary then told the Board that there would be another change order from Few Land & Timber, LLC for cutting additional trees and mulching that was not included in the original bid. The revised bid will increase $63,000. The change order was approved.

The Board went into executive session at the end of the meeting to consult with their attorney about several ongoing projects. No action was taken.