In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic mess that has reuslted, HEDCO established a short term local stimulus program as part of our Business Retention and Expansion Program (BREP), whereas any local business could buy lunch (or other meal) for their employees, (or others) and HEDCO would reimburse the company 50% of their cost.  The reimbursement could be made the same day, if needed.  HEDCO’s Business to Business Lunch Stimulus Program ended April 30th after a six week run.   Here are the statistics:

37 local businesses participated

Dollar amount of total orders:             $67,931

The top five business participants in terms of amount spent are.  (shown in alpha order, not shown by amount spent)

Gabriel Jordan Chevrolet
MTC (East Texas Treatment Center + Bradshaw State Jail)
Panel Truss
Sadler’s Smokehouse
Velvin Oil

Total $ amount reimbursed to local businesses by HEDCO:            $33,895

Number of restaurants which received orders from the businesses:  39

Top six restaurant recipients of orders in terms of number of orders. All six were in double digits.   (shown in alpha order, not listed by number of orders):

Bodacious BBQ
Debbie’s Bistro
Sal’s Italian Restaurant
Snowflake Bakery
The Rusty Star

According to HEDCO Executive Director, John Clary, “This has been a really fun project for HEDCO to organize and administer.  It is a little outside the wheelhouse of our typical programming, but was the right program for the situation and we loved doing it.  We appreciate all the businesses that participated and got to save some money.  Based on a number of emails, phone calls and Facebook comments, both the restaurants and the participating businesses all were pleased to participate.”

Several businesses got creative and ordered lunches for other entities.  Some examples:  on two occasions, one business ordered food for the employees at all four local nursing homes.  Another business ordered a lunch for all the Lowe’s employees.  Another business bought a lunch for the hospital nurses and the Sheriff’s Office.

We hope everybody out there is safe and well.