MTC offers a helping of HOPE at recent Community Relations Council meeting

Management and Training Corporation (MTC) recently held their quarterly Community Relations Council luncheon which drew in representatives from various Henderson and Rusk County government and civic offices who were given a chance to tour the newly built transitional housing complex, on the East Texas Treatment Facility (ETTF) grounds. 

Wardens Upshaw, Rupert, and Cochran each gave brief updates on the functionality of their units before the large group was offered a first-ever tour of the HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) facility which could have its first resident in early March. 

The HOPE facility is the brainchild of Regional Director Michael Bell and his amazing crew of treatment professionals. With a focus on lowering recidivism MTC brainstormed ways to continue to invest in the long-term sobriety and success of clients recently released from the unit. Through interviews with returning offenders, MTC’s Region III Director of Operations, Simon Beardsley noticed a trend toward relapse when confronted with large crowds and new situations soon after release. This led the group to the heart of the HOPE facility idea to help smooth the transition back into everyday life. 

The state-of-the-art facility consists of an administration building where a parole and probation office will be staffed along with a team of substance abuse professionals ready to help the residents in times of crisis. 

Residents, both male and female, will reside in a college dorm-style setting with access to a resource library and computers to help in their necessary job searches. The living quarters will have an open concept lounge area and access to a laundry area and for most the first private bathing experience they’ve had in years. Meals will be provided on-site with the kitchen staff at ETTF creating and transporting hot meals to the HOPE kitchens. 

For those residents who have medical needs, the UTMB medical staff will be available daily to dispense medications in the same manner these people have become accustomed to in their time within MTC. Large common areas have been provided to accommodate necessary meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, but which can easily be used for other purposes such as a dining area or even remote training services. 

The Henderson News, February 14, 2022