Industrial and Manufacturing In Henderson

Henderson was once a gateway to Texas for settlers moving from points east into Texas.  Some of these settlers settled down right here due to Henderson’s great climate, abundance of water, ample timber for construction and its beautiful landscape.  Today, Henderson continues to have a bustling economy for much the same reasons. Over 470,000 population reside within 35 miles and over 670,000 are within 45 miles. 

Henderson has been an agricultural and industrial hub in East Texas for many years and the future is bright.  The city has ample water resources.  Great highway infrastructure ensures efficient transportation of products in and out of Henderson and rail service is available via a shortline railway. 

Industrial development proliferated after the east Texas oil boom burst open in the 1930s and oil and gas production is still strong.  Other industrial sectors include brick manufacturing, fiberglass specialty product manufacturing, food processing, metal fabrication and a number of products related to the timber industry.

Many of the industrial companies are located within our three industrial park areas, including the Henderson Industrial Park, Southwest Industrial Park and the Preston Road Industrial Park.

It is easy to see why we say, you can Build Your Future in Henderson!

Future Industrial Park Expansion

While our current greenfield space is near capacity in our existing industrial parks, Henderson is actively pursuing options for the establishment of a new industrial park. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and plans in the near future and be sure and let us know if you have questions related to these future developments.