Target Industries

Transportation & Storage


The industry is primarily engaged in transporting passengers and goods, warehousing and storing goods, and providing services to these establishments. Existing regional businesses involved in transportation indicate access to major regional highways and a fast and reliable distribution network. These existing transportation networks and opportunities for manufacturing growth create opportunities for regional distribution centers.

Why Henderson for Transportation & Storage?

  • According to Long Term Industry Projections, the industry is projected to create an additional 2,110 jobs in the County by 2040.

  • These trends are expected to expand as Amazon and other online retailers expand their distribution networks in Texas.

  • Access to major transportation corridors including US 259, SH 64, and US 79. • US 259 is a north-south corridor that is part of the NAFTA Corridor Highway System.

  • Access to labor pool and lower cost of land and operational expenses compared to larger metropolitan areas.

  • Active Rail Transloading yard with no car minimum