Why Henderson, Texas?

“Texas offers businesses the freedom to be successful and for their employees to be successful. Texas has no personal or corporate state income tax and a reasonable regulatory climate. Chief Executive Magazine has ranked Texas “the #1 state for business” for 18 consecutive years. Amazon, Tesla, HP, and Oracle have all moved to or expanded their operations in Texas. When combined with steady employment and income growth, forecasters rank Texas first in the nation for five-year growth projections.” Business in Texas.com

“Texas has been named the Best State for Business every year that I have been Governor because we have remained steadfast in our efforts to offer a world-class business climate and develop the skilled, diverse workforce in our state," said Governor Abbott. "Texas is the beacon of freedom and opportunity thanks to our competitive business environment, no corporate or personal income taxes, limited regulations, and endless opportunity that allows all Texans to prosper. Texans thrive when our economy is booming, and I look forward to keeping the Lone Star State the best place in the nation to do business.” Governor Gregg Abbott

Build your future in Henderson

We have identified a set of industries based on the competitive assessment, community assets, and/or community priorities for your convenience.

Our recent analysis study discovered several essential regional assets such as strong labor synergies such as Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care, Transportation and Storage, and Advanced Food Manufacturing and Technologies.

A 2020 study by The Perryman Group recommended the following Industry Targets:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Agriculture/Food Processing including potential for tourism opportunities related to artisanal foods, wine, or spirits; (note that, given the large number of relatively small communities in the region, other tourism opportunities could potentially arise from venues for athletic tournaments of other similar events).

  • Wood Products Manufacturing and Stone/Clay/Glass

  • Transportation and the Potential for a Multi-Modal Logistics Hub

  • Warehousing

  • Other Spin-off from Regional Industries (including Plastics, Fabricated Metals, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, and Biomedical