Henderson offers a variety of utilities to meet your business needs such as:

  • Electric provided by Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) and Rusk County Electric Coop

  • Gas provided by CenterPoint Energy

  • Water provided by the City of Henderson and area water utility companies

  • Wastewater provided by the City of Henderson

  • Fiber Internet provided by Optimum (formerly Suddenlink), Sparklight, Conterra, Frontier Communications and Eastex Telephone Cooperative

Water Management in the City of Henderson:

Water restrictions are regulations enforced by cities or municipalities to regulate water consumption, particularly during periods of water scarcity or drought. The primary goal of these measures is to conserve water resources and guarantee that critical water requirements are fulfilled for residents, businesses, and ecosystems. Unlike some areas facing water scarcity, Henderson does not encounter the need for water restrictions. The city boasts abundant water resources, and wastewater management is not a concern either. Henderson operates two wastewater treatment plants, with only one currently in use, indicating efficient management and ample capacity for wastewater treatment.