Our Community


Come experience our community.

Henderson is a close-knit community with a historical past and a vision for the future. Once you experience our small-town values, hospitality, and unity you too will see why Henderson feels like home.

Citizens that Care
Our Fire Department

In addition to answering over 800 calls per year, the Henderson Fire Department provides vital services to the community including safety trainings, home inspections, public education, and more.

Citizens that Serve
Our Police Department

Dedicated to providing a safe environment in Henderson for everyone, the Henderson Police Department works hard to protect our community while providing education on public safety to Henderson residents.

A Giving Heart

Our residents are involved and active on the many boards, organizations, sports, and churches. They believe in working together to make Henderson a better place. Once you experience it, you too will say, “Feels Like Home.”

In addition, we have a number of opportunities for those looking to volunteer such as in mentoring programs, mission and ministry work, animal welfare, and more.

Our camaraderie, active participation on boards and organizations, and involvement in church or sports within the city all help to build a close-knit community where everyone looks out for each other.

You see, in Henderson, we all work together.