Target Industries

Advanced Food Manufacturing


Industries in food manufacturing transform livestock and agricultural products for intermediate and final consumption. Emerging technologies and shifts in consumer preferences are disrupting the industry and creating opportunities for business creation and growth. The large regional agricultural and distribution base supports the industry.

Why Henderson for Advanced Food Manufacturing?

  • Large agriculture base throughout the region.

  • The existing transportation and warehousing base will support the development, storage, and distribution for these businesses.

  • Growth potential and potential for distribution of existing food manufacturing enable the region to capitalize on emerging technologies and opportunities.

  • Access to major transportation corridors including US 259, SH 64, and US 79.

  • Large agriculture base, along with storage and distribution supports industry expansion.

  • Ample water source will support water intensive manufacturing.

  • Food Manufacturing represents a strong portion of existing workforce base, and transportation and storage will support these businesses.

  • Proximity to major metro markets and global distribution ports.