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Acre facility in new East Texas Regional Business Park


AEP SWEPCO (Southwestern Electric Power Company) serves 547,800 customers in northwestern and central Louisiana, western Arkansas, East Texas, and the Panhandle area of North Texas. Its regional headquarters is in Shreveport, La.

It was announced in October 2022 that they would build a new 10-acre facility in the new East Texas Regional Business Park in Henderson. They are the first company to commit to the new park. Construction is planned to begin in 2023.

Every day, the men and women of Southwestern Electric Power Company work to meet the expectations of our customers. Reliable increasingly clean energy. New solutions. Excellent customer service.

We know that individuals, families, businesses, and communities rely on us. We recognize our special responsibility to more than half a million customers in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

We build and maintain the electric grid - poles, wires, substations, power plants you often see, along with the new technology that is making the system smarter and more reliable. We are bringing more renewable energy, energy efficiency education and new technology to our customers.

You may know our linemen best as the face of the company, especially in the wake of powerful storms so common across our region. They are part of our SWEPCO team, more than 1,300 strong, serving our customers and communities 24/7. Today SWEPCO is one of AEP's seven regional electric utilities.


  • SWEPCO is an American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP) company

  • Service territory - Northwest and Central Louisiana, East Texas and the Texas Panhandle, Western Arkansas

  • Customers – 547,800, including 233,800 in Louisiana, 189,100 in Texas and 124,800 in Arkansas

  • Headquarters - Shreveport, La.

  • Transmission lines - 4,078 miles

  • Distribution lines - 26,230 miles

  • Generation capacity - 5,298 MW coal and gas and 1,484 MW wind (4/1/2022). See fact sheet for wind energy updates.

In early 2022 SWEPCO began a $2.6 million project to improve power reliability in Henderson. The project includes replacing pokes and upgrading wire along State Highway 64. Work started at the intersection of State Highway 64 and North Frisco Street and will continue west for six miles.


We take pride in working with local, regional and state economic development organizations to promote economic growth in our service territory, and to bring new jobs and businesses to our communities.

Our economic development manager and external affairs managers offer economic development services throughout our service territory. They include, but are not limited to the following:

·       Electric rate analyses based on the client's needs

·       Available buildings data

·       Information on available sites for greenfield projects

·       Community profiles

·       Project "request for proposals" from the communities we serve in Texas, Arkansas and/or Louisiana

·       Receive/assemble proposals and package into one submission to you for review

·       Work closely with local, regional and state economic organizations to insure maximum assistance

·       Create multi-city/state itineraries and meetings with local/state officials for site/buildings/community project tours