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Pro Hydronics




Founded in 1999 and re-branded in 2008, PRO Hydronic Specialties is located in Henderson, Texas. Jeff, an Industrial Engineer, invented a unique automatic flow limiting cartridge that actually measures flow while automatically limiting flow. That lead to a U.S. patent in 2011 (U.S. Patent No. 8,061,195). That patent was followed-up by patents in Canada (2,756,094) and Mexico (12/463,253) in 2012. Together, the PRO Hydronic Specialties team is dedicated to educating members of the HVAC industry as well as engineering and manufacturing quality products that add value to the HVAC system with physics-based designs.

It is the belief of PRO Hydronic Specialties that, physics should be the primary design focus of any tier 1 manufacturer. All PRO Hydronic Specialties products, from our manual venturi devices to our patented flow measuring automatic flow limiters, are all designed and manufactured with this philosophy in mind.

As your manufacturer of choice, PRO Hydronic Specialties is committed to stringent quality standards. 100% of our valves and coil hook-up kits are hydro-pneumatically tested up to 100 psi. Additionally, every batch of automatic cartridges is tested for accurate flow characteristics. Our quality managers check each and every order prior to shipping so, you can rest assured that your order, no matter how complex, will arrive accurately to your site for a quick and easy installation that will last for decades.

It is the belief of Pro Hydronic Specialties that being a Tier 1 Manufacturer is the key to long-term success. As a Tier 1 Manufacturer, we provide only the highest quality solutions. From initial engineering all the way through production, quality and function are our primary focus.

None of Pro Hydronic Specialties critical components are designed, produced or distributed by another manufacturer. PHOH either has patents for, or are the original designers of most products we provide our customers. This allows Pro Hydronic Specialties the ability to directly provide unique solutions based on our own engineering abilities and knowledge of the market.