Success Stories

William Grant Tank & Vessel, INC.




William Grant is the metal tank manufacturer in the Henderson Industrial. They are experiencing great growth at the plant. His company has had 20 to 30 employees for several years.  Over the years, HEDCO has done several incentive agreements with them as they have built new buildings and employed more people.  Today, they have over 50 employees, and are getting ready to add a night shift.

William Grant Tank & Vessel, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom pressure vessels and shop fabricated tanks focusing on the timely delivery of high-quality, cost-effective products to the chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, and gas processing industries. William Grant Tank & Vessel, Inc. is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to apply the “U” stamp for new construction of vessels and the “R” stamp for vessel repairs and alterations. The API 650 and API 620 shop fabricated tanks are manufactured with the same quality performance standards as the ASME vessels.
Our manufacturing practices are supported by the most valuable asset we have…our dedicated employees. We are committed to providing our employees a safe work environment with continued education and training to facilitate these good manufacturing practices. These manufacturing practices and quality performance standards are monitored daily and managed by a full time Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) that is committed to the fulfillment of an order with a quality product.


  • Materials: carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel (-55 °F), stainless steel (304/304L, 316/316L, 2205 duplex SS), Alloy 20, Monel 400.

  • Dimensions: 20’-0” O.D. 150’-0” overall length 100,000 lbs. (50T) 4” thick.


  • - 3 Bays with up 50 tons of overhead crane lifting capacity and 30’ under hook height

  • - 2 dedicated paint booths with ventilation and rail “push car” access

Our facility is outfitted with new and modern equipment required for the efficient manufacture of pressure vessels and tanks including turning rolls, positioners, manipulators, and a broad scope of equipment to produce welding such as Automatic/Sub-Arc (SAW), Stick (SMAW), Flux Core (FCAW), TIG (GTAW), and MIG (GMAW).