HEDCO moves to new City Hall Complex

Mar 28, 2023
Staff Reports

HEDCO moves to new City Hall Complex

Approximately two years ago HEDCO moved from the old City Hall Building located at 400 West Main Street where they officed for a couple of years to a renovated standalone building located at 500 West Main Street.

After Henderson City Hall purchased a 29,000 square foot building located at 300 West Main Street, across the street from the old City Hall Building the City Leaders decided it best if HEDCO occupied a section of the new City Hall for their offices and board room.

Before the end of 2022 HEDCO moved and now offices out of the new City Hall complex located at 300 West Main Street on the first floor.

The building was previously the Wellborn, Houston, Adkison, Mann, Sadler and Colby Law Offices building that was built in 1998 and is valued at $3.5 million.

City Manager Jay Abercrombie said, “today it would cost several million dollars to build a building like this and to purchase the entire block that it’s located on would cost even more.”

Currently all the city departments, including HEDCO are in one place except the police department, fire department and animal center. They will remain at their current locations.

Not many if any cities the size of Henderson have a building this large or nice in the state of Texas. Now HEDCO has a state-of-the-art facility with more space, parking, and convenience. The staff has larger individual offices as well as a larger Board room for their monthly meetings.

Dan Moore, Director of Marketing and Business Development